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Two Egyptian UN Peacekeepers Killed, One Injured In Mali

UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, yesterday condemned the killing of two Egyptian members of the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali, a UN spokesman said. Another peacekeeper was injured, when their armoured personnel carrier hit an improvised explosive device, outside of the town of Douentza, in the Mopti region, said Stephane Dujarric, chief spokesman for Guterres. “They […]


China Looks to Africa in Race for Lithium

It is the new gold rush, and China is leading the hunt as prices surge. Only it’s not gold everyone’s looking for, it’s lithium. Many say the future of electric vehicle production and, more broadly, combatting climate change, depend on the rare metal. Prices for the “green metal” have seen an almost 500% increase in […]

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Afghanistan Exports to Pakistan Mark Historic Rise

Pakistan says its exports to Afghanistan have dropped and imports sharply increased in the current financial year, leading to a bilateral trade balance for the first time in favor of the war-torn neighbor. Pakistan has stepped up bilateral cooperation and announced trade-related concessions for the landlocked country to help it overcome deteriorating humanitarian and economic […]

Arabic Press Release

‫”جائزة الشيخ سلطان لطاقات الشباب” تفتح باب المشاركة في نسختها الثالثة

– التسجيل مُتاح لكلا الجنسين من عمر 13 إلى 18 عاماً مواطنين ومقيمين – جميع الشباب والفتيات المؤهَّلين عمريّاً مدعوون إلى خوض تجاربَ فريدة جوهرها تحدِّي الذات – تطبيق ذكي للمشاركة وتقديم شهادات الإنجاز المعتمدة مع تتبُّع الأداء ومستويات الإنجاز الشارقة, 4 يونيو / حزيران 2022 /PRNewswire/ — أعلنت “جائزة الشيخ سلطان لطاقات الشباب” عن […]

Press Release annonce une nouvelle direction dans le cadre du lancement officiel

L’organisation à but non lucratif mondiale pour la durabilité informatique sera dirigée par l’ancien vice-président d’IDC et nomme de nouveaux membres du conseil d’administration de plusieurs sociétés du Fortune 500 Photo du conseil d’administration de Nasdaq Times Square REDWOOD CITY, Californie, 03 juin 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, la nouvelle organisation à but non […]