A half-day workshop focusing on the theme, Building and Sustaining a Culture of Operational Excellence, was held this morning at Hotel Voila, Bagatelle. The workshop was conducted by the Director of Kaizen Institute, Mr Jayanth Murthy. The Executive Director of National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC), Mr Deepak Balgobin, and other personalities were present.
The event which is an initiative of theNPCC helped guiding participants from both the public and private sector to create processes that highlight problems, whilst simultaneously train and empower their teams to solve them.
The workshop introduced the building blocks of the Kaizen Change Model (KCM) which cuts across industries, size and sectors. The word “Kaizen”, means, “to change for the better”, and is the most powerful change management tool that can be used for operational excellence implementation. The elements and relevance of the KCM help organisations develop a sustainable high performance organisational culture.
Discussions focused on KCM which has been developed by the Kaizen Institute, supporting organisations Learn, Do and Sustain a Kaizen culture that drives business excellence as well as key elements that contribute to change the culture of an organisation. Participants also deliberated on how to achieve operational excellence, one of the most important contributors to an organisation’s sustainable performance and growth.
Some key measures were also outlined to contribute to eliminating obstructions, wastes and burdens in an organisation and helping it to achieve business goals. They are namely a systemic, evolving and effective approach to business operations, a continually productive and innovative workforce, changing group behavior and building change, improving leadership, tracking, communication, and reward and recognition, amongst others.
Kaizen Institute
Kaizen Institute was founded in 1985 by Masaaki Imai. It started its operation in India and Africa eighteen years ago, and served over 300 clients in India and over 100 in Africa. Today the institute team comprises over 450 seasoned Kaizen consultants, based in more than 30 local branches. The Kaizen Institute team has applied the lean methodology across virtually all business sectors in all parts of the globe.

Source: Government of Mauritius