A working session on Ornamental Fish Farming in Mauritius was held this morning between the Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah and technical expert, Dr Chih-Yang Huang, from the Department of Aquaculture of the National Taiwan Ocean University, at the seat of the Ministry in Port-Louis.
Dr Chih-Yang Huang was deputed by the African Asian Rural Development Organisation to provide technical support to local cooperatives from the 15 to 29 September 2018 so that they could embark in the ornamental fish business. In this context, a six-day training will be held at the Albion Fisheries Research Centre. His specialities include aquaculture, fish disease, aquatic ecology, ornamental fish techniques and industry, aquatic organism transportation and anaesthesiology.
In a statement, the Minister highlighted that while the majority of aquaculture production is related to food production, ornamental fish production is a fast growing component of the industry and is a globally lucrative business. According to him, Mauritius is endowed with the favourable tropical weather conditions and the gamut of ornamental species both from fresh waters and the marine environment for breeding of ornamental fish.
Minister Bholah pointed out that presently ornamental fish, which is in high demand locally, are mostly imported due to low local production. The aim of the project is to leverage ornamental fish farming as a new income generating activity and facilitate cooperatives to embark into this emerging sector, he said. He emphasised that this innovative activity will certainly boost the SME sector and has the potential to become a pillar in the economic growth, as local production will enable eventual exports and reduce reliance on imports.
On this score, the Minister indicated that a first batch of 40 participants will be trained to undertake business in the field while recalling that the Ministry has put in place several facilities for entrepreneurs for the successful development of their businesses. He also called on young entrepreneurs and SMEs to consider business opportunities in the sector.

Source: Government of Mauritius