The Universiade Games 2018 aimed at fostering sporting values and encouraging sports competitions among different tertiary institutions in the country, is scheduled from 24 to 28 September 2018. Thirteen tertiary organisations are participating in the Games and the opening ceremony will be held at the Gymnasium of the University of Mauritius (UOM).
The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Stephan Toussaint, made this announcement yesterday during a press conference at the New Academic Complex of the UOM in Réduit. Representatives of the National Council for Sports in School and Universities (NCSSU) and stakeholders from different tertiary institutions were present on the occasion.
Minister Toussaint underlined that the objective of the Universiade Games 2018 is to enhance the student experience by giving them the opportunity to represent their institution in sports competitions. The Games, he said, provide a platform to promote the development of sports and recreational activities in tertiary organisations. The Minister highlighted that the preliminaries for football have already started as from 19 September 2018 and he invited students to participate with enthusiasm and support their respective teams.
Universiade Games 2018
The organising committees for the Games are the Ministry of Youth & Sports; the Tertiary Education Commission; the NCSSU and the Sub Committee Universiade.
The sport disciplines comprise namely Cross Country (Men & Women); Badminton (Men & Women); Basketball (Men & Women); Football (Men & Women); Table Tennis (Men & Women); and Volleyball (Men & Women).
The venues for the Games are as follows:
Football Centre National François Blaquart, Réduit/ Mauritius Football Association, Trianon
Volleyball UOM, Réduit
Basketball Phoenix Gymnasium
Table Tennis Mauritius Institute of Education Gymnasium, Réduit
Badminton UOM, Réduit
Cross Country Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka

Source: Government of Mauritius