The opening ceremony of a two-day conference on Creative Writing entitled “Heaven of Freedom”, an initiative of the President’s Fund for Creative Writing (PFCW) organised in the context of the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius, was held on Friday 21 September 2018 at Le Labourdonnais Hotel in Port Louis.

The Acting President of the Republic of Mauritius, MrParamasivumPillayVyapoory, the Minister of Arts and Culture, MrPrithvirajsingRoopun, and several other personalities were present at the event.

In his address, the Acting President of the Republic highlighted that there exist several cultures and languages in Mauritius while adding that the country has been created from a variety of civilisations namely from India, Europe, Africa and China. He stressed on the need to promote all the different languages in their pure state as well as to make a fusion of them.

Speaking about the PFCW, he pointed out that it was set up in 2000 under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture, with the aim to promote creative writing in English language while adding that in July 2010, under the Fund, new regulations were made to propagate and preserve creative writings of other languages written and spoken in Mauritius.
MrVyapoory recalled that the objectives of the Fund are to finance schemes to encourage and assist deserving Mauritian writers wishing to have their creative writings published; the promotion of creative writing in all languages written and spoken in Mauritius; the setting up of a network among educational institutions in Mauritius in order to promote creative writing in all genres; and the compilation and publication of regular anthologies and a directory of Mauritian writers.
For his part, Minister Roopun commended the PFCW for having chosen the theme “Heaven of Freedom”, which he underlined, has been taken from Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali. Creative writing, the Minister highlighted has no limits as an author encompasses all walks of life, the past, the present and the future in his works. It also helps to raise awareness on social, political, economic and cultural issues, thereby contributing to a better world, he added. The Minister also seized the occasion to pay tribute to the Mauritian writer, late AbhimanyuUnnuth for his major works that are internationally recognised.

Moreover, he stressed that Government is committed to bring a new dynamism to the creative sector and make it another economic pillar of the country. MrRoopun pointed out that his Ministry is engaged in the revamping of the creative sector so as to promote it in all its forms. He recalled that the Copyright Act has been amended to redefine and better safeguard the interest of copyright owners, as well as for better representation of rights of holders.

The Minister underpinned that it is imperative to look for new potentials and consider new ways of promoting local talents. He, therefore, called on the concerned authorities and stakeholders to provide avenues for local artists so as to recognise the creative potential that exist in them.

Source: Government of Mauritius