The Kiddy Science Fair is a good platform for educators to share experiences in the field of early childhood science education in Mauritius asit is indeed through such creative outlets which complement formal education that educators can bring forward innovative ideas to this crucial sector of our education system.

The Acting President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory, made this statement this morning at the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC) in Bell Village. He was speaking at the launching ceremony of the 4th edition of the Kiddy Science Fair which is a Science Exhibition set up by educators and pupils from public pre-schools. The objective is to develop the creativity and encourage young children to adopt a hands-on approach to learning science and technology, while boosting their interest, curiosity and passion for these subjects.

According to Mr Vyapoory, it is important to recognise that the ascent of man as well as the progress that man has achieved from the caves to this modern and digital civilisation, has been made possible due to the pioneering work of scientists, inventorsand discoverers. He also spoke of his keen interest in activities that help the learner not only to acquire scientific knowledge but more importantly to learn about and understand and apply the scientific method which explains cause and effect that help in decision-making processes.

Speaking about the promotion of early childhood education and care, the Acting President pointed out that it is vital to have qualified professionals to work with children in the pre-primary sector. Education, he recalled is not just about putting information in the minds of children but in fact education begins in the child’s heart and mind.

Children are naturally curious and are passionate about learning. Therefore, it is appropriate that they are made to engage in scientific thinking and behaviour long before entering the classroom, he said. On that score, he urged parents, as the first teachers of children, to tap in this amazing potential by encouraging the inquisitive minds of children to observe and ask the right questions.

Science Fair

Organised by the RGSC, in collaboration with the Early Childhood Care and Education Authority, the three-day event also aims at providing a platform for educators to showcase their knowhow, ideas, innovations and experiences of scientific subjects in the early childhood education sector of Mauritius.

Around 80 Government schools of the pre-primary sector are participating in the Kiddy Science Fair which will remain open to the public and all pre-schools from 9.30 hours to 15.30 hours. Entrance is free.

Participants were free to choose any topic or theme as long as science and technology were portrayed in their projects. Educators were encouraged to construct models and conduct scientific experiments.

RGSC, a parastatal body under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, is mandated to promote science and technology among the population and to supplement school education using a non-formal way.

Source: Government of Mauritius