Mauritius will host the International Country Workshop on Social Protection in Mauritius: International Frameworks and National Policies on 17 and 18 October 2018. The workshop will be organised by the Southern African Social Protection Experts Network in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, and Environment and Sustainable Development and the University of Mauritius.

It has as objectives to facilitating national dialogue and debate, the appropriation of social protection discussion by social partners and civil society, international exchange and south-to-south learning. It will also provide a forum to exchange and engage with experts of the network and foster a public discourse on social protection with representatives of international and national bodies.

Some 57 local and 13 foreign participants will attend the workshop which will focus on various thematic issues. Some of them are: Social protection context and framework in Mauritius; Social protection instruments, financing and programmes in Mauritius; Social protection: A human rights perspective; Towards comprehensive social protection systems; Empowering the youth and vulnerable families in Mauritius; and Building critical thinking and capacities of policy makers.

Source: Government of Mauritius