Certificates were handed over this morning to foreign and local prison staffs who participated in a training on technological applications and security within the prison system, during a ceremony held at the Mauritius Prison Service (MPS), in Beau-Bassin. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry for Rodrigues, Mr Medha Gunputh, was present on the occasion.

Seven participants of the MPS, three from the East African Community, one from Tanzania and two from Kenya, benefitted from the one-week training organised by the MPS, on various issues including: challenges against smuggling of contrabands in prison; technologies in security; and human rights in prison.

On the occasion, the Permanent Secretary reiterated Government’s commitment to enhance the services and capabilities of the MPS through several endeavours including trainings. The training programme, he said, has brought together international participants enabling an exchange of ideas, knowledge and practices that are paramount to progress.

He spoke about the Africa Strategy that Mauritius has embarked on and underlined that there is an increased connectivity between the continent and Mauritius that has enabled a synergy in the sharing of knowledge and experience to bring about progress on both sides. He also urged the participants to apply the newly acquired knowledge to bring forth positive changes in their respective organisation.

As for the Security advisor of the East African Community, Mr Didacus Kaguta, he expressed gratitude to the Government of Mauritius for the ongoing collaboration with the organisation, adding that such initiatives enable the participating countries to strengthen and enhance the services of their Prison system. He emphasised that through such programmes, participants learn from the challenges and practices of other countries. The training has enabled the participants to be exposed to significant issues to be taken into consideration while embarking on changes in their respective local prison system, he said.

Moreover, Mr Kaguta pointed out that an interconnected system regarding transnational crimes should be established between the government of the African countries and Mauritius so as to complement local efforts in combatting crime. He dwelt on the importance of ensuring humane treatment to prisoners to reduce recidivism and a better surveillance system which is paramount for the optimum human resource use of the prison.

Source: Government of Mauritius