ADDIS ABABA, The Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) of the African Union (AU) has issued a statement against United States President Trump's "s*ithole" remarks.

The Council said at its meeting at AU headquarters here Tuesday that it received with utter shock the news of the uncouth words used by Trump in reference to African people and people of African descent.

"We note that this language is wrong and does not reflect the stature of the President of the United States," the council said.

It added: "In Africa we do deeply respect elders and the language that elders use should be respectful and one that befits the position that they hold. The President of the United States is an elder and should always remember and act as one."

The council called upon all citizen groups, religious organizations, academics and civic actors to condemn the language.

"Citizens across the world should be respected for what they are and referred to in appropriate and respectful language. To continue to propagate racism through language in the world is to fuel other types of violent behaviours that we see around the world," the statement read.

"We ask that the US President seriously considers withdrawing this statement and issue a public apology to all Africans and people of African descent in the world."

The council noted that the president should "remember that the social, economic and cultural contributions of Africans in the United States is one of the highest. The United States has a big number of professional Africans who cannot fit the description that he used."

One of the AU's Agenda 2063 Aspirations developed by African people and leaders is: An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics, the statement noted.

"ECOSOCC as an organ which promotes and popularizes the Agenda 2063, strives to build an Africa and world that is ethical and value-based, and we call upon the US President to embrace this aspiration," said the statement.

"ECOSOCC joins the rest of the world to condemn the language of the President of the United States of America. We therefore call for the President of the United States to restrain himself and ensure that he espouses the values that the United States people have been known for."