Athletics competitions: Mauritius bags ten gold medals in the first day

Mauritius bagged ten gold medals, four silver medals and three bronze medals, on the first day of the athletics competitions which took place, yesterday, at the Germain Comarmond Stadium in Bambous.

The leading results are listed below:

In the Triple Jump Men, Mauritius sealed victory with three medals; Jonathan Drack gold medal winner, Alexandra Gentil, silver medalist and Dezardin Prosper, awarded the bronze medal.

For the 1500 M Final Sprint, Mohammad Dookun bagged the gold medal.

In the 100 M Handisport Men, Eddy Capdor won the gold medal and Ashley Telvave awarded the gold medalist for the 100 M Handisport Women.

As for the 100 M for Women with vision impairment, Anndora Asaun succeeded in her run and won the gold medal.

Jeremie Lararaudeuse gave a remarkable performance in the Men’s 110 M Hurdles and obtained the gold medal and Desire Pascal, the bronze medal.

For the Shot Put Category Women, Estelle Louis seized the gold medal and Begue Momus Jeanne D’Arc received the silver medal.

Jonathan Bardottier won the gold medal in the 100 M Race Men.

Vincent Duval recorded a gold medal in the Long Jump for Men with hearing impairment.

For the Discus Throw, Christopher Sophie bagged the gold medal.

In the category of Long Jump for Women with hearing impairment, Shena Bhikea won the silver medal.

As for the Pole Vault Men, Fabrice Rajah obtained the silver medal.

For the 100 M Race Women, the bronze medal has been awarded to Anthony Amelie.

The competitions scheduled for this morning are as follows:

Heptathlon Women Final � 11 30

Shot Put Handisport Men Final � 11 40

400 M Race Women First Round � 11 45

400 M Race Men First Round � 12 05

Heptathlon Javelin Women Final � 12 20

Shot Put Handisport Men Final � 11 40

Other athletics competitions will take place during the afternoon.

Source: Republic of Mauritius