Denver to Furlough Thousands of Workers Amid Coronavirus

DENVER, COLORADO – Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said Thursday that thousands of city employees, himself included, will be furloughed for eight days this year to help close what is expected to be a $226 million budget gap caused by the coronavirus, joining mayors across the country who have made the same move or are thinking […]


Mauritius to face negative growth of 6.8% in best-case scenario, says Finance Minister

Mauritius will face a negative growth of 6.8% in the best-case scenario according to the forecasts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, this forecast was made before the extension of the lockdown of the country and thus does not take into consideration the extended lockdown period between the second fortnight of the month of […]

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Cats With No Symptoms Spread Virus to Other Cats in Lab Test

Cats can spread the new coronavirus to other cats without any of them ever having symptoms, a lab experiment suggests. Scientists who led the work, reported on Wednesday, said it shows the need for more research into whether the virus can spread from people to cats to people again. Health experts have downplayed that possibility. […]

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VIRUS DIARY: On a River, With Rod and Reel, he Finds Peace

ROSCOE, N.Y. – The Catskills village that calls itself “Trout Town USA” is all but a ghost town this spring. Fishing shops in Roscoe, New York, that should be overflowing with anglers are empty, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Guide services are idled, since they are nonessential businesses. Yet the region’s famed rivers remain open, […]


New Comet May Be Visible to Naked Eye in Coming Weeks

A new comet that was discovered in April using data from an orbiting observatory may be visible to the naked eye in the coming weeks. The comet was first spotted by amateur astronomer Michael Mattiazzo, who used data gathered by an instrument onboard the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) […]


Rescinded Offers, Dashed Dreams for Wisconsin College Students

MADISON, WISCONSIN – The Class of 2020 may as well be dubbed the Class of COVID-19. Graduating seniors said an abrupt and socially distanced goodbye to their campuses in March when classes moved online in a matter of days. The pandemic stripped much of the pomp and all of the in-person options from commencement ceremonies. […]