BOUZER MAURICE: 12-hour relay organised to sensitise the working population on physical fitness

A 12-hour National relay for Health and Fun 'BOUZER MAURICE', comprising physical activities such as walking, jogging and running, aiming to foster a sports culture among the working population, will be held on Saturday 24 March 2018 from 06 00 hours to 18 00 hours at the Maryse Justin Stadium, in Reduit.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Stephan Toussaint, made this announcement yesterday during a press conference in Port Louis. The relay has as objective to promote team-building among the personnel of Government bodies and private companies as well as to sensitise them on the importance of physical fitness and practicing a sports discipline to lead a healthy lifestyle, he underlined.

Each Ministry, District and Municipal Council and private company is expected to field a number of 72 participants for the 12-hour relay. The 72 participants will then be divided equally in 12 batches of six participants. Each batch of six participants will represent their respective institution for a slot of one hour.

The participants will relay each other for one hour, depending on their physical fitness. The relay can be divided in segments of 20 minutes or alternatively, but participants will have to indicate their preference prior to the relay. In case, there are less than six participants, they will still have to complete the one hour and will have to convey their intention during the registration.

The exchange zone for the participants will be 10 metres before and 10 metres after the finishing line. Each team will have two persons on the track as they will participate in pairs and the team is advised to field participants with the same level of fitness in the slot.

Participants are requested to reach the stadium at least one hour before their slot for their final registration. The time slot 16 00 hours to 17 00 hours will be reserved for Ministers; Permanent Secretaries; Deputy Permanent Secretaries; Chief Executive Officers; and other eminent personalities, as part of the launching ceremony.

Other planned activities

A series of health checks comprising Body Mass Index, Sit and Reach Test, Blood Pressure, and diabetes, will be carried out during the 12-hour relay event. A health check marquee will be set up at the venue. Upon the completion of the tests, participants will receive a health diary.

Moreover, sports demonstrations including Boxing, Karate and Tae Kwon Do are scheduled.

Source: Government of Mauritius