Buea: Three die, others injured as separatists enforce lockdown

At least three people have died, all drivers who were plying the roads in Buea subdivision. Separatist fighters who were enforcing a two-week lockdown to thwart school resumption also burned down two cars on the Muea axis.

Gunshost engulfed Buea from Small Soppo to Sandpit, Molyko, and Muea. Witnesses said they saw heavily armed separatists on the highway asking them to go back to their houses while targeting drivers.

“I was about to drop my kids at their school when I saw cars coming from Muea with double trafficators, signaling that there was danger coming. I also saw people running back toward our direction in Mile 17, I also ran back home with my children, only for someone to send me pictures of what was happening,” a witness told CNA.

Security forces who went to Muea for a counter-attack arrived when the damages had been done, the separatists had gone!

Several civilians were arrested and asked to sit on the floor as investigations were opened.

Corpses of the deceased could be seen on the street, while their cars were consumed by fire.

Schools have not effectively resumed in the Anglophone regions following the two-week lockdown.

Source: Cameroon News Agency