Cameroon Cup 2023: Hilltop Strikers create major upset to join PWD in 16th Finals.

The first round of the 2023 Cup of Cameroon rounded up on Monday, May 29th with major surprises recorded.

Hilltop Strikers of Bamendakwe is the only team from the North West Regional League that qualified for the next round after beating Gazelle FA of Garoua 5-4 after post penalties. The game ended in a 4-4 draw after regular time.

Hilltop Strikers will face Foudre of Akonolinga in the next round of the competition. Foudre eliminated elite 2 side Unisport of Bafang.

Another major upset in this 32nd finals was the Elimination of Dragon of Yaoundé by a Stade of Bandjoun, a team from the West Regional League. The team thrashed Dragon 4-0 to book her place in the 16th finals where she will face Bamboutos FC of Mbouda in a West Regional clash.

Full Results of the 32nd Finals of the Cameroon Cup 2023 and 16th Finals fixtures.

Aigle royal of Menoua (0-0, : 3-4) Edu SA.

Avion of Nkam 1-0 Ngaoundéré FC

Stade Bertoua 2-1 Sahel of Maroua

Colombe 5-0 Léopard of Douala

Victoria United 2-1Rainbow FC

Racing of Bafoussam 1-0 Njalla Quan

Canon Yaoundé 2-1 Lumière FC

Pwd bamenda 7-1 Dream Olympic

Eding sport 5-0 Ngaoundal Academy

Coton sport 4-0 Yong sport

Krimi FC 1-0 Ofta of kribi

Djiko 4-0 FC Bamenda

CFC de Garoua ( 3-0 walk-over ) UMS

Fovu baham 6-3 Abong mbang FC

Apejes 5-0 Best Talent Sport

Fauve Azur 2-0 Épervier of Ebolowa

Renaissance 2-4 Futuro of Yaoundé

Dynamo 2-0 Caïman

Union (3-0 walk-over) Rangers

Fap 4-0 Sable FC

Astres 2-1 AS Nylon

Foncha Street 0-0 (3-4) Atlantic of Kribi

Unisport 1-2 Foudre of Akonolinga

Lausanne (0-3 Walk-over) South West 1

Gazelle 4-4 (4-5) Hilltop Strikers

Bamboutos FC 2-2 (6-5) Africa FA

Stade Renard 4-0 Santos of Koza

AS Fortuna 2-1 Volcan of Noun

YAFOOT 0-0 (4-5) Pouma FC

TKC 7-3 Espoir of Mogode

Aigle of Moungo 1-0 Academie of Nyom.

Here are 16 finals fixtures.

EDU SA vs CFC of Garoua

Djiko FC vs Canon

Bamboutos FC vs Stade of Bandjoun

PWD vs Fauve Azur

Coton vs APEJES

Hilltop Strikers vs Foudre of Akonolinga

Racing vs Victoria United

Futuro of Yaoundé vs UNION

FAP vs Atlantic of Kribi

Eding vs Krimi FC

Aigle of Moungo vs Avion

Stade of Bertoua vs TKC

Pouma FC vs Colombe

Dynamo vs South West 1

Fovu vs Astres

Stade Renard vs AS Fortuna

Source: Cameroon News Agency