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Construction of Decaen flyover: Traffic diversion at Caudan Roundabout

The fast lanes towards the North and the South on Motorway M1 over a distance of 300 metres in the vicinity of the Deschartes Street and the Caudan Roundabout will be closed to the public as from 06 February 2018 at 10 am up to April 2018. In a bid to improve traffic flow and reduce travel time, motorists are advised to be cautious and read the directive panels near the Caudan roundabout to know which roads will be accessible.

The Chief Inspector of the Traffic Branch Unit, Mr Ashok Matar, made this statement yesterday during a site visit at the Deschartes Street in Port Louis in the presence of stakeholders in the context of major road infrastructural works along the Motorway M1, near Deschartes Street, Decaen area, Port Louis.

The roads, he stated will be closed due to construction works of Decaen flyover along Motorway M1 to connect the northbound traffic to the City Centre via Deschartes Street in Port Louis. The flyover to the tune of Rs 340 million will provide access into the City Centre for vehicular traffic from the South and alleviate traffic congestion to almost 50% along M1 at Place d’Armes, which is presently the main entrance to Port-Louis Centre, while those heading North will take the existing road, he added.

Speaking of road diversions, Mr Matar highlighted that only two of the three lanes of the carriageway on the left-hand side will be operational towards the North, and the South. Construction works relating to the flyover will span over one year and will affect the flow of traffic resulting to more congestion, he underlined.

To this regard, special traffic arrangements have been made in Port Louis as follows: normal vehicular traffic coming from Cassis and Caudan proceeding to the North will be diverted to the following streets: Maupin, Souillac, Lord Kitchener, John Kennedy and Place d’Armes and eventually head to the North. Besides, motorists from the vicinity of Cassis and Caudan can also use Kwan Tee Street and La Rue Reserves to access the motorway to the North.

Motorists exiting the capital and going towards the North will have to use the Maupin, Souillac, Lord Kitchener, John Kennedy Streets to join the M2 motorway at Place d’Armes. Similarly, the shuttle bus at Victoria Bus Station will have to take the same route to reach the Immigration Bus Station.

Source: Government of Mauritius