Cuba receives electrical material from Mexico to repair damage caused by Hurricane Ian as Angola donates medical supplies to Cuban Hospital

HAVANA— A solidarity cargo from Mexico arrived in Cuba with electrical material destined for the recovery of the province of Pinar del Rio (westernmost Cuban province), the most affected by the passage of Hurricane Ian, which on Tuesday hit that territory with category three on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Miguel Díaz Reynoso, Mexican ambassador to the island, and local authorities received the cargo, transported by two Mexican Air Force planes, Prensa Latina reported.

Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, announced on Wednesday the sending of aid in response to the damage caused by Ian in western Cuba, while he expressed his support to the Cubans and the certainty that the Caribbean island will recover.

Ana Teresita Gonzalez Fraga, Cuban first deputy minister of foreign trade and investment ( MINCEX by its Spanish acronym), explained that Mexico would send 72,000 meters of cable, 7,000 insulators, among other resources for the recovery of the electrical system, during a check-up meeting on Thursday with the country’s highest authorities.

After the passage of hurricane Ian, 100 % of the clients in the province of Pinar del Rio lost their electric service.

Meanwhile in GUANTANAMO, a half-ton symbolic donation of medial supplies was donated to the local Agostinho Neto General Hospital in this eastern city by the Angolan ambassador to Cuba Maria Candida Pereira Teixeira.

The donation is part of a 200-ton cargo to be sent to Guantanamo from Angola soon, said the diplomat who expressed her wish that the supplies help relieve the shortage of necessary resources because of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade of the island nation.

Hospital director Jose Alfredo Esteban Soto expressed the Guantanamo citizens’ gratefulness for the donation, which includes facemasks, syringes, and individual protection items for surgical activities.

The donation hand-in ceremony took place as part of commemorations for the 100th birthday of Agostinho Neto, which concluded Friday in Guantanamo.

During her visit to Guantanamo, the Angolan ambassador stressed the significance of Neto and his loyalty to the principle of national unity and his commitment to the noble cause of the Angolan people; she also underscored the support of Cuba and Fidel Castro in the defense of her country.

Antonio Agostinho Neto was born September 17, 1922 and he was first president of Angola heading the Angolan People’s Liberation Movement–MPLA.

Source: Nam News Network