EDB Workshop focuses on new trends in the jewellery sector

A workshop on the new trends in the jewellery sector was launched this morning by the Economic Development Board (EDB) in EbAne, as part of its capacity-building programme for the sector. The objective is to share the latest international trends that are shaping the sector as well as elaborate on the tools, techniques, design, market changes and growth of branded products.

Some 100 stakeholders of the jewellery sector in Mauritius are participating in the workshop. The resource person, Mrs Geraldine Valluet, is sharing her expertise as a designer and is elaborating on the international jewellery trends. Local institutions such as the Development Bank of Mauritius, SME Mauritius Ltd, the Human Resource Development Council and the Assay Office are providing an insight of the different available schemes.

In his keynote address, the Chief Executive Officer of the EDB, Mr Francois Guibert, underlined the various initiatives of the EDB in line to promoting the jewellery sector and diversifying the opportunities for exportation to Asian, African and European countries. On this score, he stated that the EDB is committed to promote design function in jewellery manufacturing, increase the export of jewellery in new regions internationally; encourage internationalisation of SMEs; as well as penetrate high end market in luxury products.

With regard to the strategies that are being adopted by the EDB, Mr Guibert spoke of targeting new jewellery markets such as Lyon, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tokyo. Capacity-building programmes and collaborative partnerships with high end luxury companies will also act as drivers bolstering the sector, he indicated.

Speaking on the way forward, Mr Guibert spoke of making the jewellery industry a priority sector for the development of design, manufacturing and branding which will contribute to increase domestic exports and spill over effects on other sectors such as tourism. In this way, he added, the jewellery sector will be a key contributor to the branding of Mauritius.

Source: Republic of Mauritius