Education: PM discusses nation building and leadership with Head Boys and Girls

Nation building entails important elements such as understanding, respect and solidarity, and, Mauritians have repeatedly demonstrated their solidarity regardless of caste, colour and creed. By nurturing this attitude we will be able to ensure that we attain the goals that we have set for the country, said the Prime Minister, Mr. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, yesterday at the Auditorium of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Moka.

The Prime Minister was addressing over 150 Head Girls and Head Boys from the secondary education subsector during a meeting organised in the context of celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Mauritius and 26th anniversary of the Republic. The Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, and other personalities were present. Four students from the four Education Zones of Mauritius made presentations on the following themes: Road Safety; Building a Nation; Leadership; and Climate Change.

In his speech the Prime Minister underscored the need to work together, hand in hand, to promote equality in our society and where there is more cohesion among the population. Our dream is to live in a world where each person, without any distinction, can have the chance and succeed in life, he said.

Speaking about Mauritius Golden Jubilee celebrations, the Prime Minister rejoiced that the National Flag has been flying proudly since the past 50 years and the population has stood up on its own feet and made the country reach where it is today. The people have learnt to live together in a country where there is harmony and mutual respect despite the numerous challenges. Mauritius is taken as a role-model across the world, he recalled.

According to Mr. Jugnauth it is our collective responsibility to continue to ensure the advancement of Mauritius and the youth, who represents the future, have the duty to march on the path that has already been mapped out. There is no doubt that young people will make the necessary efforts, learn, choose wisely in life and avail in the best way possible of opportunities offered in the education sector, he said.

With regard to the reform in the learning sector, the Prime Minister said that education also entails acquiring knowledge and skills in domains such as sports and arts, which should become a requirement for every youth. Education should not solely be focused on the aspect of obtaining academic results, he added.

Prime Minister Jugnauth cautioned the young people to be weary of dangers that loom over the society which are numerous and which include violence, the scourge of drugs as well as road accidents. He stressed the importance for road users to comply with traffic regulations, discipline and courtesy and the need to sustain the environment. Rodrigues is a good example to emulate, he said while highlighting the need for a change in mindset so that it becomes a human instinct to keep the environment clean.

The youth, said the Prime Minister, have to heed to the advice of elders and parents who have the necessary experience and must choose leisure activities which will guarantee them a healthy self-development process. On that score Head Girls and Boys have a major role to play by giving a helping hand to take vulnerable students off from the wrong path and have to set the example, lead, reflect together and take decisions to make Mauritius progress, he added. Mr Jugnauth called on the younger generation to come together and achieve set goals and make Mauritius proud and urged them to continue learning.

The Prime Minister talked on topics relating to leadership and technology, while recalling that an important programme at the level of education has been initiated to equip young people with the latest digital tools which will enable them to be at par with the world in which we are living. He assured the audience that Government is looking further ahead and keep pace with countries which are making efforts and investing particularly in young people and education.

It is crucial to prepare our youth to be able to evolve in the future in a world that is called to undergo further transformation, said the Prime Minister in his concluding remarks.

Source: Government of Mauritius