Ethiopians Marking Sacrifice Day Under the Theme “Sustaining A Country through Sacrifices”

Ethiopians across the nation have been observing Sacrifice Day to under the theme “Sustaining a Country through Sacrifices.”

The six days of Pagumen, the 13th “month” of Ethiopian calendar are being marked at national level with various activities.

Today is the 2nd day Pagumen which has been designated as ‘Sacrifice Day.’

The day symbolizes Ethiopia’s staunch commitment to honor her sons and daughters who paid relentless sacrifices for their country at all areas of their activities.

As part of the day, all Ethiopians across the nation will pay tribute to the heroes of the country who sacrificed their precious lives to strengthen the peace and unity of Ethiopia.

Apart from sustaining the sovereignty of the nation by sacrificing the precious life, sacrifices could also be demonstrated in devoting energy, knowledge and finance for the betterment of fellow citizens.

Hence, on Sacrifices Day all citizens particularly the young generation are expected to make promises to discharge responsibilities by paying the necessary sacrifices with a view to expediting national development.

The day is also observed to pay tribute to Ethiopians who have been sacrificing their everything to sustain the current nation and improve the lives of citizens.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency