Exhibition showcasing Metro Express Mock-up train to tour the island

The exhibition showcasing the Metro Express Mock-Up train, opened yesterday at the Municipal Council of Port Louis in presence of the Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha.

The Metro Express Mock-up train will be displayed at the Municipal Council of Port-Louis till 07 April 2018 before moving on to other municipal and district councils across the country.

In his address, Minister Bodha highlighted the objective of the exhibition which is to shed light on the concept, design and operation of the Metro express project. The Mock-up train, he said, is the model of the Urbos 100 3rd generation LRVs which forms part of the innovative and high-quality trains, specifically designed by Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF).

He recalled the estimated construction cost for the Metro Express Project which is Rs. 18.8 billion, of which half of the sum is a grant offered by the Republic of India and the other tranche is a line of credit with a significantly low interest rate of 1.6%.

The Minister underpinned the objective of Government in spearheading this major project, which is to upgrade and modernise the transport system of the country. He emphasised that the metro is a modern transport system that has been adopted in the world’s biggest cities. According to him, this modern and high quality transport system will not only revolutionise the transport sector of the country but will also entail major infrastructural changes which will redefine the landscape of various towns.

Minister Bodha pointed out that the train has seven compartments with an accommodation capacity of 400 passengers and that the project comprises 18 stations, and 6 urban terminals. On that score, he announced that the first train is expected to be officially launched in September 2019, from Rose-hill to Port-Louis. The travelling speed will be 25/30 Km/hr in built-up areas and up to 80km/hr in traffic-free zones. The estimated travelling time from Curepipe to Port-louis is 41-42 minutes, Curepipe-Rose-Hill, 20 minutes, Quatre-bornes- Rose-Hill, 7 minutes and Quatre-Bornes-Vacoas 7 minutes and Vacoas-Curepipe 5-7 minutes.

He reiterated that the three priorities of his Ministry concerning the undertaking of the project are to have no overrun of budget; completion of the project in due time; and ensure a quality work.

As for the Lord Mayor of the Municipal Council of Port-Louis, Mr Daniel Eric Clive Laurent, he highlighted that the Metro Express is a major project that will revolutionise the transport system of the country. Government endeavours to offer to the population a modern, quick and comfortable public transit with real long-term advantages, he said. Indeed, he pointed out, the utilisation of this public transportation will help to reduce traffic in congested areas, particularly in Port-Louis.

Source: Government of Mauritius