Free health screening organised by National Empowerment Foundation in Surinam

A full day free screening of Non Communicable and diseases (NCDs), breast and cervical cancer was held on 7 April 2018 at the Surinam Village Hall. The event was organised in the context of the project of Promoting Women and Family Health of the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF).

It was a joint initiative of the National Empowerment Foundation and the Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Quality Of Life. The objective was to promote health and wellness among vulnerable women, youth and adults. It also aimed at raising awareness regarding the fight against NCDs and viral diseases such as flu, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and diabetes.

Free check-ups, screenings and spot diagnosis were conducted by trained and professional health officials. Breast and cervical screenings were carried out on some 35 SRM eligible women aged between 30 � 60 years while NCD screening for some 107 SRM eligible beneficiaries aged 18 years+ was carried out. In addition, a talk on strategies regarding personal health behaviors was held.

The project targeted 107 vulnerable families from Surinam village, in view of empowering them to lead a healthy and productive life and giving them the chance to lift themselves out of illness and poverty.

Source: Government of Mauritius