G-77+ China Summit Important in Addresing Outstanding Global Challenges: Cuba’s Ambassador Nicolas

The Group 77 and China has been playing a very important role in tackling many outstanding global challenges, Cuban Ambassador Jorge Lefebre Nicolas said.

The Group of 77 at the United Nations is a coalition of 134 developing countries designed to promote members collective economic interests and create enhanced joint negotiating capacity in the United Nations.

Next week, Cuba is going to host the Summit of Heads of State and Government for the Group of 77 plus China.

The summit under the theme, “Current Development Challenges: Role of Science, Technology and Innovation,” is scheduled for September 15 and 16, 2023, in Havana, Cuba, it was learned.

Cuba’s Ambassador to Ethiopia told ENA that there are many conflicts in the world and we feel that this group must act together to solve the conflicts and solve problems.

“This is the natural space where the countries of the South can defend their own interest. The group has played an important role in the past. (And) now we are talking about international new economic order,” he added.

According to him, the presence of China in this group gives some economic power as China is one of the most important investors in the South.

The group is very diverse, the ambassador noted, adding that so here we have rich countries, rich economies, and also we have poor economies. “But the most important and the wonderful spirit in this is that we can combine the interest of everyone together in one block and we have the power of the United Nations as a negotiating group.”

Ambassador Nicolas observed that this year Cuba is the temporary president of the group and we are going to discuss important economic issues, how to face the future, how to solve problems deriving from the pandemic and conflicts as well as the global economic crisis.

G-77+ China has been alive and united for 60 years, he pointed out, further saying that the group is very important because it is a forum for negotiating with the United Nations.

The main objective of the group is to support each other and put ahead their position in the UN.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency