Heatwaves: Five LatAm nations experience record heat in 2022 – WMO

Sites in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay experienced record temperatures during two consecutive heat waves in late November and early December 2022, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported on Monday.   

The areas in particular are north-central Argentina, southern Bolivia, central Chile and most of Paraguay and Uruguay, WMO detailed.

Yet 2022 did not break global temperature records, it surpassed many national heat records worldwide.

Unprecedented heat waves were also felt in China, Europe, and North and South America, while severe drought in the Horn of Africa threatens humanitarian catastrophe, the report warned.

WMO further noted that India and Pakistan experienced extremely high heat in past March and April. China reported longest lasting heat wave since national records began and the second driest summer on record. WMO chief Petteri Taalas warned that while much of Europe experienced repeated bouts of extreme heat, the UK reached a new national record in July, as temperatures exceeded 40°C for the first time.

From extreme floods to heat and drought, weather and climate-related disasters have affected millions and cost billions this year, he warned, while drawing attention to the pressing need to do much more to reduce greenhouse emissions and calling for greater adaptation to climate change, including universal access to early warnings.

Source: Nam News Network