High-angle rope rescue demonstrations held at Coromandel Fire Station

The Mauritius Fire and Rescue Services (MFRS) held demonstrations of a high-angle rope rescue yesterday at the Coromandel Fire Station. The simulation consisted of undertaking a rapid intervention in a low angle situation to reach for casualties.

Two systems of cords were used to reinforce the security of the mission. A second exercise was carried out to simulate the rescue of a casualty in his vehicle trapped in the strong currents of a river in a flood situation. A rope throwing gun and a highline system were used in the undertaking of this mission.

The Station Officer of the Coromandel Fire Station, Mr Nawshad Elaheebocus, underlined that the demonstrations showcased the scopes of intervention of fire-fighters who have been trained to engage in road rescue missions. He pointed out that 30 officers have been trained over a period of 15 days by experts from the Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Training Academy (DSFRS) of England to perform safe, effective rescues from height.

He also highlighted that in view of reinforcing the capacity-building of the team, in 2016, 30 fire-fighters were offered two-year training in the road rescue operator training dispensed by the DSFRS and benefitted from further guidance in the field of road rescue technician and advanced technician training preparing them for team-based work.

The aim of such capacity-building initiatives are to provide for better specialised rescue services in different situations of life-saving and in this regard, the MFRS has set up different special rescue units, added Mr Elaheebocus. They consist of the Rescue Operation Unit, the Aerial Fire Fighting Rescue Unit, the Swift Water Unit and the Road Rescue Unit. A Hazmat Unit is also in the pipeline.

Source: Government of Mauritius