HSC 2017 Results proclaimed: PM congratulates Laureates

The Cambridge Higher School Certificate (HSC) 2017 results have been made public today. The Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit, Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, signed today at the New Treasury Building in Port Louis the official document relating to the designation of the HSC laureates, following which the names of the 45 laureates were released.

In his address on that occasion, Mr Jugnauth lauded the achievement of laureates and acknowledged their efforts, sacrifice and hard work. The success of laureates’ can also be attributed to the family environment as well as the support of parents, teachers and rectors, he pointed out. Now these students will be given the opportunity to study in the best universities abroad, he remarked.

The Prime Minister appealed to students to return to Mauritius after their studies to serve the country. We would undoubtedly need young people who have acquired a certain know-how and competency, especially at a time when Mauritius is undergoing further development and would thus require the necessary expertise, he emphasised.

Moreover, the Prime Minister spoke of his faith in the talent and competencies of all young Mauritians as it is the youth who will embody the future. A new reform has been initiated in the education sector so that precisely all talents have the chance to thrive at their own pace and find their place within the society, he recalled.

Prime Minister Jugnauth called upon all young university-goers and those embarking on training programmes and going on the job market to take heed that the world is evolving. Today, he observed, Mauritius has to face complex challenges such as climate change, digital transformation, food security, ageing population and social ills (drug scourge and criminality). Government, in all decision-making and actions, is taking all these issues into consideration as we want to ensure sustainable development based on modernity and on social justice, the Prime Minister highlighted. We are paving the way of our future and all young people will be called upon to take up important responsibilities tomorrow and we rely on you to continue on that pathway, he added.

HSC 2017 Results

A total of 11 304 candidates sat for the 2017 HSC examinations that is, 11 038 for Mauritius and 266 for Rodrigues, with 2 137 students competing for the State Scholarships.

Two colleges have produced laureates for the first time and they are namely: Triolet (Boys) State Secondary School in Mauritius, and College Marechal in Rodrigues.

Rodrigues College has produced four laureates for Rodrigues (two girls and two boys) under the Rodrigues Open Scholarships.

Government offers 68 scholarships each year based on the HSC examinations. A scholarship is also offered by the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) under the MCB Foundation Scholarship.

Forty-five scholarships are offered purely on the basis of performance and merit. Twenty-four additional scholarships are allocated later on an academic, merit and social criteria basis. This list is proclaimed after a selection exercise by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research and the Ministry of Social Security. The list for 2017 will be made public once the exercise is completed.

In the coming days, the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research will launch a call for applications for those eligible for the 24 scholarships.

Source: Government of Mauritius