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Infrastructural Projects essential for enhancing Quality of Life of Citizens, affirms Prime Minister

The Ebene CarPark, a state-of-the-art building providing parking facilities, will undoubtedly be a stepping stone for further infrastructural transformation of the Ebene Cyber City. The project which is in line with Government’s ambition of modernising the road network and enhancing the level of service to road users through the provision of high quality infrastructure, is expected to be completed by October 2019. It will contribute towards improving the lifestyle and catering for the needs of the population.

The Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, made this statement yesterday at the laying of the foundation stone ceremony of the Ebene CarPark in Ebene Cyber City. Several Ministers and other eminent personalities were also present at the event.

Prime Minister Jugnauth highlighted that improving the current road network and infrastructure is of paramount importance for the Government adding that no stone will be left unturned in this endeavour. He underlined that the car park project, to the tune of some Rs 400 million, is a first of its kind in Mauritius and with its completion next year the flow of traffic in Ebene will be eased considerably.

He reckons that the project must be viewed in a broader perspective as Government’s vision is to uplift the quality of life of citizens by addressing the serious problem of traffic congestion and the lack of parking slots. The car park project, he emphasised, will highly contribute to Government’s Urban and Rural Regeneration Masterplan which aims at ushering novel developments and ensuring proper management in the transformation of the Ebene Cybercity into a modern town.

The Prime Minister also dwelt on other major infrastructure projects which are underway namely the Metro Express Project and the CAte D’or City project at Highlands, designed to set new standards and build a modern Mauritius so as to respond to the aspirations of the Nation. He observed that these infrastructural ventures will give rise to an expected unprecedented growth of 9.5% in the construction sector adding that they will further stimulate investment and generate employment in the vicinity of Ebene Cyber City.

For his part, the Chairman of Ebene CarPark Ltd, Mr K. Patel, underscored that over the past few years, the Ebene Cyber City has successfully evolved into a key active business hub adding that it has brought great improvement in the socio-economic activities of the country. The CarPark project, he pointed out, will address the acute shortage of parking slots in Ebene and tackle the problem of illegal parking.

The Ebene CarPark

The Ebene CarPark, a multi-storey car park building, will be located along the Vandermeersch-Trianon Link Road behind the Cyber Tower 1 and will comprise six floors thereby accommodating more than 900 cars. It will be equipped with latest technologies whereby an access control card system will be used to recognise registered cars to facilitate direct access to the car park areas. Moreover, the availability of the parking slots will be displayed on LED screens at the entrance and a shuttle service by the Rose Hill Bus Transport will also be at the disposal of car park users.

Source: Government of Mauritius