International YUVACON Business Conference held in Mauritius

The Second International YUVACON Business Conference (Young Udyojak Vikas Abhiyan of India) geared towards enhancing business exchanges and networking opportunities among entrepreneurs across the world, was held yesterday at Le Maritim Hotel in Balaclava in the presence of the Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah, the Minister of Industries of Maharashtra, India, Mr Subash Desai, the Deputy Indian High Commissioner, Mr K.D. Dewal and other Indian eminent personalities.

In his address, Minister Bholah, underlined that SMEs are hugely responsible for significant employment and income generation opportunities across the world and have been identified as a major driver of poverty alleviation as well as economic development. Most SMEs, he emphasised, are operating only in domestic markets as they are surrounded by endless challenges and difficulties to access international markets.

He highlighted that Government, by supporting the growth of entrepreneurs, hopes to transform the SME sector into a powerful propeller of the economy and open avenues for SMEs on international markets. With regards to the challenges outlined, he pointed out that a number of policy tools and SME support programmes are being developed in order to ensure the development of Micro enterprises and SMEs.

Mauritius, he underscored, is set to become a more competitive export platform by benefitting from regional and multilateral agreements which aim at further extending commerce on the international front. On this score, Mr Bholah emphasised that Mauritius – China Free Trade Agreement and the India-Mauritius Comprehensive Economic Agreement will take Africa-Asia cooperation to a higher level and will spur investment, economic growth and the exchange of goods. He urged Mauritian entrepreneurs to take advantage of the various trade agreements and become export-ready.

Speaking of the conference, the Minister commended the initiative of the YUVA members and pointed out that it will enable the participants to network and hunt for new markets. These platforms open up ways for new business ventures and provide more visibility as well as develop market linkages, he added.

For his part, the Minister of Industries of Maharashtra, India, Mr Subash Desai, underlined that Mauritius as a Small Island Developing State is performing well on the socio-economic and international landscapes. Speaking of the YUVACON business conference, he highlighted that it will contribute to reinforcing the cordial relations of both countries through increased opportunities of new business ventures. Through the conference, he highlighted, Mauritius and India have renewed their firm commitment towards consolidating the existing bilateral ties.

The one-day conference with the theme Business Beyond Boundaries has been jointly organised by the SME Mauritius Limited and the Young Udyojak Vikas Abhiyan (YUVA) which is based in India. A delegation of some fifty members from the YUVA attended the conference and discussed untapped possibilities the field of entrepreneurship for an enhanced collaboration between the two countries.

More about the Young Udyojak Vikas Abhiyan

YUVA is a registered trust dedicated for social cause in India and its main activity is to promote the development of entrepreneurship among the women and the youth. Most of its members are from the SME sector and they are established in manufacturing, trading and services. YUVA organises various series of activities including business exchange meetings, discussions and international conferences so as to help entrepreneurs get acquainted with business partners in other countries, and encourage them to access the global market.

Source: Government of Mauritius