Launch of Bio Farming Support Scheme with funding of Rs 5 million

The Bio Farming Support Scheme with funding of Rs 5 million as enunciated in Budget 2017/2018 to provide subsidy on the purchase price of bio inputs to small registered planters, was launched yesterday at the Mauritius Cane Industry Association in Reduit.

The scheme provides for up to 60% subsidy to small planters on the purchase price on bio inputs (bio fertilizer and bio pesticides) for a maximum of three crop cycles in a year. The aim is to encourage the utilisation and adoption of bio inputs by small planters in line with Government’s objective of converting 50% of food crop production system to bio norms by 2020 as well as bring the price of bio inputs at par with chemical inputs.

The objectives of the scheme are namely to enable the shift to organic farming through rendering the prices of organic inputs such as bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, accessible to planters and stop agricultural soil degradation while improving the quality of land through utilisation of bio inputs to increase agricultural productivity. It also aims to produce safer food for consumption for the benefit of customers and prevent pollution as well as promote environment stewardship.

On the same occasion, children of registered farmers both in Mauritius and Rodrigues who have excelled in the Primary School Achievement Certificate examinations (Certificate of Primary Education 2016), School Certificate and Higher School Certificate 2016 as well as designated laureates for 2017 were awarded one-off cash prizes and shields under the Educational Achiever Award Scheme (EAAS). The EAAS is in line with Government’s policy to invest in education and training to render the human resources more competent.

The aim was to reward the efforts and achievements of these children for their outstanding performance in their education as well as recognise the contribution of small farmers in the educational progress of their children and eventually to the national development.

Source: Government of Mauritius