Limbe 3: Youths chase Landlords from landed properties

Several Landlords who said they owned landed properties in Mondoli, a neighborhood in Limbe 3 subdivision, South West region, have said their lives are in danger as some youths have persistently targetted them, questioning the ownership of their lands.

‘Chasing farmers with machetes, denied them access and selling their land claiming it’s a native land. They have recently formed a toll gate extorting money from farmers and seizing their produce,’ a victim who said he own a landed property in the area told CNA.

Land issues in the Fako division, South West region, had reached a stage where the Prime Ministry had to intervene. Still, news of land grabbing, illegal sales, and confiscation have continued to reach the media.

CNA learned that several litigation are ongoing in local courts because of such actions but those who innocently bought lands have had no concrete response from the local chief, the Divisional Officer, the Senior Divisional Officer, or the Governor.

They believe that the Chief who is the fi
rst person to contact for any deals in his area is working in complicity with the administration to defraud them of the lands they paid for.

‘We complained to the administration i.e from the D.O. of Limbe 3 to the S.D.O. and Governor and no action has been taken. The village Chief is involved in complicity with D.O,’ a victim said, adding that his land was also illegally seized by some youths who later sold it to someone, claiming it as ‘native land’. But in 2023, the Fakp SDO had warned that there is no land existing in his jurisdiction called ‘Native Land’

CNA has obtained documents showing complaints tabled before the Governor of the South West region and the SDO of Fako Division against some persons in Mondoli for harassment, destruction of crops, extortion, destruction of boundary marks, and illegal sales of land.

Source: Cameroon News Agency