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Major infrastructural projects would trigger growth in construction sector, according to CIDB

A growth of +9.5% is expected in the construction sector with major upcoming public investment projects such as the Road Decongestion Programme, the Metro Express and ports infrastructure.

The Chairperson of the Construction Industry and Development Board (CIDb), Mrs Nadia Daby Seesaram, made this statement on 2 February 2018 at the Mutual Aid Building in Port-Louis, during a press conference highlighting the achievement of the CIDB for 2017 and its projects for year 2018.

Mrs Seesaram recalled that the overarching objectives of the CIDB are to promote the development, improvement and sustainable growth of the construction industry. It also endeavours to establish best practice and stimulate quality assurance in the sector. Encouraging the participation of the small and medium enterprises in the industry, is another target set by the CIDB, she added.

Speaking about the performance of the construction sector for 2017, she noted that a rebound of +7.5 % was expected following the implementation of public and private investment projects. She added that investment in building and construction work was expected to expand by 6.8% while the residential building sector to contract by 1.5%. As for the non-residential building sector, it was estimated to rebound by 27.9%.

The Chairperson stated that 39 600 people were employed in the construction sector in 2016, among which 2 838 were foreign workers. On that note, she highlighted that there are currently 965 registered local contractors and 128 registered local consultants.

As for 2018, she observed, the expected unprecedented growth in the construction sector will be driven by major governmental initiatives and private projects for which the CIDB will provide the necessary facilitation measures. These include timely and efficient processing of permits, business facilitation strategies, and addressing potential constraints regarding availability of resources.

Mrs Seesaram underpinned the aim of the CIDB to consolidate the construction industry. To this end, an action plan incorporating the new challenges associated with the economic orientations of Government has been set up, she added.

The CIDB is a statutory body established under the CIDB Act 2008 in order to provide for the consolidation and improvement of the law relating to the regulation for the construction industry.

Source: Government of Mauritius