Masalani Town To Be Uplifted To Municipality Status

Masalani Town in Garissa will on Saturday be officially elevated to a municipality status by the area Governor Nathif Jama, aimed at easing access to government services and offer other opportunities to the residents.

In a bid to ensure everything will be up and running by then, the Garissa County Assembly Committee on Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development held a vetting session, Thursday.

Speaking to the press after the vetting process at the County Assembly, the Committee’s Chairperson Nominated Member of the County Assembly (MCA), Khadija Idris Mohamed, said that the Board will work on revenue collection, planning of the town, street lightings, provision of clean water among other duties.

“After the approval by the House members, the Board will officially be confirmed to start their mandate. We thank the Governor for giving Masalani a Municipality Charter and we know there are two others towns, including Dadaab, who’s Charters will be availed soon,” Khadija said.

Baraki MCA, Hassan Geley, said that the residents will now enjoy more resources and services brought closer to them, with proper town planning, which will attract more investors.

“Masalani will now be autonomous in terms of resource mobilization and revenue collection, and also be able to get grants and funding from the Kenya Urban support program,” Geley said.

The town will be able to get national and international recognition, which will in turn enable it to raise funds, even from foreign development partners.

The Status will further attract investors and residents will enjoy more development in infrastructure, agriculture, drainage, education and other social amenities.

According to the Urban Areas and Cities Act of 2011, a municipality must have a population of 70,000 to 249,000.

Additionally, it should have an Integrated Development Plan and Demonstrable Capacity, to generate sufficient revenue, to sustain its operations.

It should have sufficient space for expansion, as well as the capacity to effectively deliver essential services to its residents, among other requirements.

Source: Kenya News Agency