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Minister Bholah reiterates Government’s commitment to boost pig breeders’ cooperatives

Government is committed to give a boost to pig breeders’ cooperatives in the drive to increase local production and meet the growing demand for pork. Although the sector still seems to be lagging behind, several facilities are being provided to pig breeders’ cooperatives to empower them and enable them to carry out their activities in a professional manner.

The Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah, made this statement yesterday during a site visit at the Pig Credit and Marketing Cooperative Society Ltd at Bassin Requin in Poste de Flacq.

He highlighted that Government recognises the potential in further developing the local pig industry and will provide the necessary facilities and support to ease the problems faced by pig breeders’ cooperatives. Cooperatives play a significant role in the socio-economic development of the country and contribute to poverty reduction and job creation, he added.

Furthermore, the Minister observed that the pig breeders’ cooperatives have not modernised their operations to deal with upcoming challenges and that access to markets, and water supply are their main recurrent problems. He pointed out that adopting innovative approaches and practices will lead to business transformation, productivity improvement and easier access to markets. On this score, Mr Bholah underlined that Government will put at their avail several incentives and support services to consolidate the sector.

The Pig Credit and Marketing Cooperative Society Ltd in Poste de Flacq was set up on 26 May 1983 and consists of 28 members. Currently, some 18 pig breeders are working at Bassin Requin where the livestock is estimated at 1700.

Source: Government of Mauritius