Minister Wong highlights need for the vulnerable to attain financial independence and stability

Three eligible families of the Social Register of Mauritius, from the village of RiviAre Noire, received yesterday, keys of their housing unit under the Full Concrete Housing (FCH) Unit Scheme, during a ceremony at the La Gaulette Village Hall in Black River. The Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, Mr Alain Wong and other eminent personalities were present on the occasion.

In his address, Minister Wong highlighted that Government believes that everyone is entitled to live a decent life in proper conditions and reiterated its determination to improve the quality of life and life chances of the vulnerable members of the society and empower them to progress. He emphasised that the FCH project, that seeks to provide support to needy families by providing them a place of comfort, with proper amenities, is a major step in the fight against poverty and forms part of a core element of Government’s anti-poverty policy.

The Minister pointed out that the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) has come up with a social housing project offering housing units ranging from 40 m� to 50m� that are equipped with all the necessary facilities, amenities, safety, security and a harmonious environment where beneficiaries can live an active and healthy life in better conditions. He also recalled that the NEF is coming up with the project of Prefab housing units that cost relatively less than concrete ones.

Speaking about the importance of upholding values such as discipline and good sense of responsibility to live as a responsible citizen and to progress in life, Mr Wong announced that his Ministry is undertaking a Life Enhancement Education Programme with the objective of instilling life skills and values to help SRM beneficiaries tackle daily life challenges. 17 coaches of the NEF will dispense training to 540 SRM beneficiaries on topics including, hygiene; roles of family members; family planning and communication skills, amongst others.

He also stressed on the need for the vulnerable to dismantle intergenerational poverty that perpetuates the vicious cycle of deprivation. He pointed out that the aim of empowering the downtrodden to improve their life chances underpins the various governmental endeavours such the FCH. It is crucial that they step up their efforts and show strong determination to strive to acquire financial stability and independence for the benefit of their family, he added.

Source: Government of Mauritius