Modernising the country and enhancing citizens’ quality of life are high on Government’s agenda, says Prime Minister

The Citizen Support Portal (CSP), an innovative online platform, ensuring proximity with citizens is in line with Government's vision to provide technological facilities to meet the aspiration of the population and transform Mauritius to a fully-fledged digital country. With its user-friendly features, it offers a better service delivery, leaving no one behind of their legitimate right to have access to quality services.

The Prime Minister, Minister of Home Affairs, External Communications and National Development Unit and Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Mr. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth made this statement yesterday at the Cyber Tower 1 in EbAne. He was speaking in the context of the first anniversary of the CSP in presence of several ministers and eminent personalities. On this occasion, Prime Minister Jugnauth and Jane Constance, who is the first Mauritian Artist designated UNESCO Artist for Peace, launched the disability friendly features of the CSP.

In his address, Prime Minister Jugnauth highlighted that the CSP, which has been developed by Mauritius Telecom, allows citizens to directly transmit their requests, and share their queries more efficiently. This digital platform, he emphasised, empowers citizens with a paperless and time-saving method to register complaints on a 24/7 basis using internet as well as enables them to track the status of a complaint at any point in time. With some 40 000 cases solved since its launch, which represents 70% of complaints and queries registered, the portal is a harmonised complaints management system, rendering Ministries and Governmental bodies more responsive in dealing with queries of citizens, he added.

In the face of a technology-driven era, the Prime Minister emphasised that Government is committed to modernising the country and enhancing the quality of life of the population with various technological and infrastructural projects. Some of them are: setting up of additional 700 wifi hotspots across Mauritius; investment in fibre-optic undersea cable linking Mauritius and Rodrigues to international connectivity so as to spur innovation; launch of e-licensing project to promote business environment; construction of A1-M1 Link Road under the Road Decongestion Programme; and implementation of the Metro Express project. As regards familiarising students with digital tools, he underscored the provision of tablets and educational software to students of Grades 1 and 2 at primary level.

Prime Minister Jugnauth further expressed satisfaction of the collaborative work of the Citizen Support Unit (CSU) and the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation for embarking on a radio programme Ou Demars Nou Priorite and a regional sensitisation campaign, CSU Debark Kot Ou. The campaign has as aims to provide assistance to citizens in addressing various issues in their respective locality and till date it has been carried out in Grand Bay, Bambous, Saint Pierre and Rose Belle, he underlined.

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Telecom (MT), Mr. Sherry Singh, highlighted that the portal exemplifies the ways technology can help improve service to society and bridge the access to vulnerable groups. This initiative, he said, has enabled MT to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country while adding that the organisation will continue to provide services for the betterment of citizens.

A clip on CSU azir pu ou, a CSU commemorative cover and a magazine entitled CSU Celebrating 1 year of Proximity were also launched during the event.

About Citizen Support Portal

The launching of the Citizen Support Portal was effected by the Prime Minister on 28 April 2017 in EbAne. The CSU in collaboration with the Rodrigues Regional Assembly launched a dedicated portal for Rodrigues on 13 October 2017 on the occasion of Rodrigues Autonomy Day.

The CSP, which is under the responsibility of CSU of the Prime Minister's Office brings Government service delivery up to the next level by improving citizens quality of life as well as empowering Governmental institutions by leveraging on innovative technologies. There are 283 Ministries, Departments, parastatal bodies and local authorities that handle, in complete confidentiality, requests made by citizens on the portal.

The CSP enables any citizen to register a complaint or suggestion on a database managed by the CSU. The complaint or suggestion, is channeled to the respective Government body where officers diligently address the issue. Throughout the process, the citizen is fully kept informed through automated acknowledgement responses as well as updated information at all times.

Citizens with no access to computer or the Internet can go to the nearest Citizen's Advice Bureau where a CAB officer registers their requests on the portal. The CSU services are also extended to 95 Mauritius Post Offices whereby citizens can go and file their request on the CSP with the assistance of an officer.

Source: Government of Mauritius