MoTC Announces Commencement of Government e-Tendering Project

Doha, Qatar

The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) has announced the commencement of implementing the e-tendering solution project, which aims to provide a government-wide standardized electronic solution to automate government entities’ tendering processes in compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing tenders and auctions and, with the objectives to increase efficiency and improve transparency in government procurement management.

We are glad to announce this project today, which contributes to achieving the goals of the Qatar Digital Government 2020 Strategy in addition to the solutions it will provide in terms of enabling digital transformation in the government sector, said Assistant Undersecretary of Government Information Technology Sector, MOTC, Mr. Hassan Jassim Al-Sayed.

This announcement followed a concerted effort between the Ministry of Transport and Communications and other government parties that are interested in providing such a unified electronic platform for the automation of all government entities’ tendering processes within the framework of integrated digital government projects and programs. We believe this initiative will contribute effectively to achieving more transparency, trustworthiness and competitiveness, as well as nimble performance and rapid delivery, Mr. Al-Sayed added.

Mr. Yousef Al-Naama, CEO, malomatia, said In malomatia, we are committed to providing the best expertise and practices in modern technology that realize Qatar’s National Vision (QNV 2030) of a vibrant knowledge-based society.

Moreover, he added malomatia has extensive experience in the implementation of digital transformation projects and we have carried out several projects for many public and private institutions, in addition to our deep knowledge of Qatar’s tendering laws and regulations.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communication