National Assembly: Introduction of Reform Institutions (Amendment)

Government has given approval to the introduction of the Reform Institutions (Amendment) Bill into the National Assembly. The object of the Bill is to amend the Reform Institutions Act so as to do away with the system of automatic remission whereby convicted persons were eligible to be discharged after having served two thirds of the period of sentence and to replace it with a new system of earned remission with a view to encouraging convicted persons to earn maximum remission not exceeding one third of the period of sentence where, during their term of imprisonment, they are of good conduct by not committing any prison default.

The Bill also aims at toughening the law against officers of the Mauritius Prisons Service, detainees and persons working in reform institutions who are convicted under the Act; and provides that where, during his term of imprisonment, a detainee commits an offence under the Act, that detainee shall, on conviction for that offence, be ordered to serve immediately after the expiry of the sentence for which he was detained, any sentence imposed upon him by the Court.

The new system of earned remission will not be applicable to those convicted for drug dealing/trafficking, sexual offences on minors and handicapped persons.

Source: Government of Mauritius