Naturcold syrup Kills six-year-old in Douala

Naturcold, the deadly syrup, banned by the Ministry of Public Health has claimed another life.

A six-year-old child died after consuming the banned drug prescribed to the parents by medics at the Bassa Health Centre in Douala on May 24, 2023. Unfortunately, the health of the child deteriorated.

He was rushed to the Douala general hospital days later where doctors have been battling to save his life. The child reportedly succumbed to death on Sunday, June 4.

The medic who prescribed the banned Naturcold syrup has been arrested. He is currently detained at the 4th District Police Station.

The child’s parents are proceeding with arrangements to bury their child.

Despite repeated warnings of the danger of this Naturcold syrup that killed six children in the North West region and caused the death of others in the South West region as well as other regions, many are still shocked at the comportment of this parent who still went ahead to procure the syrup for their child.

Some medical doctors who ought to be life savers are instead those invoking death with their unprofessional behaviors by prescribing contraband medicines to patients even when they are aware these drugs are dangerous.

Source: Cameroon News Agency