‘OLIVE YOU’, European Table Olives: Highlight Their Superior Quality and Taste at the GULFOOD SHOW 2018


NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Panhellenic Association of Processors of Table Olives (PEMETE) extends the presentation of the “OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives” campaign in the UAE. This is a three-year promotional program of PEMETE, co-funded by the European Union, aiming both to increase the awareness and demand of European table olive varieties by consumers and professionals, as well as to develop their exports in the target markets of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

PEMETE is a professional association, founded in 1970, promoting the European table olives processing, packaging and exporting companies interests, in accordance with the existing Food Safety Regulation 852/2004.

PEMETE’s 46 members, representing more than 90 percent of Greece’s exports of some outstanding and unique natural Greek table olive varieties, such as “Konservolia”, “Chalkidiki”, “Kalamata”, and furthermore, small quantities of “Throuba” and “Megaritiki” varieties are included in their product range to more than 100 countries.

The “OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives” campaign will take part in the “GULFOOD“, the largest food and beverage trade show in the UAE, to be held in Dubai from 18 to 22 February 2018.

Hall Sheikh Saaed, Stand No.: S1/F10-S1/F26, S1-G11-S1-G23

The “Olive You” campaign with its tasteful presence in the “Winter Fancy Food Show” aims to highlight the modern profile of European table olives, to inform visitors about the quality and flavor of the product, and to test new commercial types of the most popular varieties (HALKIDIKI, KALAMATA, KONSERVOLIA).

The trained staff of the stand will record the reaction, consumption habits as well as the target audience image of the fair for this very important European product through the campaign questionnaires in order to gather useful information about the knowledge and market trend in the UAE on the preferred varieties, packaging and commercial types of table olives that have the best prospects.

The 3-year “OLIVE YOU, European Table Olives” campaign in the UAE and Saudi Arabia will reach journalists, chefs, foodies, retailers and consumers of all ages through promotional and marketing activities, events, sampling, publicity actions, tasting events, etc. with the aim of further familiarizing the public with nutritional values and natural maturation of the product (black natural olives), which is an important advantage of the most popular European table olive varieties.

Product Information: info@pemete.grwww.oliveyou-eu.eu

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