Quatre-Bornes cooperatives fair opens after renovation works

The cooperatives fair at the Quatre-Bornes Market opened this morning, following renovation works undertaken since January 2017. The Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah was present on this occasion.

Some 500 members from 128 cooperatives are participating in this fair and the products exposed namely handicrafts, garments, food and fancy jewellery are mostly produced locally. The fair will be held on three Mondays each month.

In a statement, Minister Bholah expressed satisfaction with regard to the renovated space of the market, and pointed out that Government endeavours to provide all the necessary facilities to boost the SME sector. On that score, he recalled that the renovation works are part of the major infrastructural renovations of the Quatre-Bornes market fair which aim to enhance the business environment for local entrepreneurs.

He further underlined that the cooperatives fair is an initiative of his Ministry with the objective of providing an outlet for cooperative societies to exhibit and market their products as well as to increase their visibility. He added that it is important that local entrepreneurs are provided with a platform to establish contact with customers and hence expand their market avenues.

Minister Bholah expressed conviction that business activities will be boosted with the improved environment and space that the new market offers. He urged local entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the improved infrastructure, facilities and amenities being conferred to them, to strengthen and expand their business ventures.

Source: Government of Mauritius