Recent Achievements in Ethiopia Evidence to Eliminate Aid Dependency: Gov’t Official

Addis Ababa: Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport and Logistics, Alemu Sime, has emphasized that leadership must work resolutely to achieve the country’s goal of eliminating aid dependency by properly utilizing its natural resources.

High-ranking federal government officials are currently engaged in discussions under the theme “From Aid Dependency to Productivity for Complete National Pride, Freedom, and Sovereignty.”

During these talks, it was highlighted that there is a need to break free from the mindset of aid dependency and ensure food security at the household level.

In his speech, Alemu Sime stated that Ethiopia is a country blessed with diverse resources in all regions. However, he noted that the country has been unable to escape aid dependency for generations due to the failure to properly develop these resources.

The Minister pointed out that aid dependency is demeaning and stressed the importance of properly utilizing the country’s potential resources to transition from aid dependency to productivi

Alemu cited recent achievements in various development sectors as evidence that it is possible to completely eliminate aid dependency.

He highlighted successes in agriculture, particularly in irrigated wheat production during the dry season, as well as progress in the industry sector.

The Minister emphasized that national sovereignty is fully realized when the mentality of aid dependency is eliminated and productivity is significantly increased, leading to self-reliance. In this regard, he stressed that leadership bears a great responsibility.

Alemu explained that the main objective of the current discussions is to create a mutual understanding among leaders about their role in breaking free from aid dependency and enhancing productivity.

Commissioner of the Ethiopian Disaster Risk Management Commission, Shiferaw Teklemariam, who presented a paper for the discussion, emphasized the need to ensure food security at the household level to overcome the aid dependency mentality.

He suggested that underst
anding, preparation, and accelerating development work in a coordinated manner would help eliminate the undignified state of aid dependency.

The discussion was attended by ministers and other high-ranking federal government officials.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency