Researchers Stress Need for Synergy Among Stakeholders to Achieve SDGs in Ethiopia

Synergy among stakeholders is significantly fundamental in order to help expedite the implementation and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Ethiopia, researchers underscored.

The 3-day national conference on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), was held under the theme "The Road to Sustainable Development Goals in Ethiopia: Drivers, Challenges, and Prospects."

Researchers and ministries of various sectors and development partners have participated in the national conference organized by the Addis Ababa University, College of Development Studies.

Speaking to ENA, Addis Ababa University, College of Development Studies Dean, Tesfaye Zeleke said the overarching aim of the Conference is to create an environment for academic community, policymakers and development practitioners to communicate existing research findings, share development practices, and foster debate on development issues to guide policies towards achieving SDGs.

The Conference focused on thematic areas including population and development, development governance, gender and inclusive development, energy transition and inclusive urban development.

Natural resources management and green development, food security and poverty, and infrastructure development were also among the thematic areas, he said.

According to him, regarding SDGs, several efforts are underway by the government, academia and different non governmental organization and civil society organizations.

However, a full scale implementation and achievement of goals requires even more collaboration among of stakeholders in order to help achieve the implementation of SDGs, he said.

The importance of drawing synergy between academia has also been indicated by the researchers, Tesfaye added.

Some of the major findings of several research papers presented over the last three days include the need for better resources mobilization for achieving the SDGs in addition to the strong collaboration among all stakeholders, he said.

Lack of coordination among different stakeholders involved in the implementation of SDGs and integrating various sectors is among the key findings of the papers presented during the conference.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency