Seventy-seven new recruits join the Mauritius Prison Service

A batch of seventy-seven new recruits has joined the Mauritius Prison Service as Prisons Officers. In this context, an official ceremony was held this morning at the Prison Training School in Beau Bassin, in the presence of the Senior Chief Executive of the Ministry of Defence and Rodrigues, Mr. P. Jhugroo, and the Commissioner of Prisons, Mr. P. Appadoo.

The new recruits will undergo a six-month intensive training at the Prison Training School and will be exposed to basic prison duties and drills. The training will cover topics such as human rights, first aid, response to emergencies, prevention of suicide and self-harm, self-defense, customer care, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, communication skills, and listening and counselling techniques.

In his address, Mr. Jhugroo congratulated the trainees for having demonstrated physical competence and in their ability to undergo the competitive recruitment process. He called on the new recruits to demonstrate zeal and dedication during their training and to adopt the core values of the public service such as diligence, honesty and integrity and responsibility to enable them discharge their duties in the most effective, ethical and responsible manner.

He stressed on the importance of training to the new recruits to sustain competitiveness in the public sector and in the face of challenges that will span across the Civil Service. Mr. Jhugroo further dwelt on the importance of the Civil Service and reminded the new recruits of their duties as administrators of the Civil Service to manage the scarce resources in order to respond to Government’s vision of law enforcement.

For his part, the Commissioner of Prisons, Mr. Appadoo pointed out that the profession of a Prisons Officer is a noble one which is to serve the public. He recalled that the job of Prisons Officer requires high standard of honesty, moral integrity and be in the frontline to uphold law and order. The trainees will be provided with all necessary facilities during the six-month training to empower them to cope with the exigencies of the service. On this score, he called on the new recruits to adopt a sense of responsibility, develop the appropriate skills, aptitude and mindset in carrying out their duties in the most effective and efficient manner.

Source: Government of Mauritius