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Social Welfare Centre: Chairpersons and Committee members meet to discuss regulatory framework

Chairpersons and Committee members from five different Social Welfare Centres (SWCs) namely Mount Ory, Saint-Pierre, Nouvelle Decouverte, Quartier Militaire and Saint Julien D’Hotman, gathered this morning at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute in Moka to discuss the regulatory framework within which SWCs function and to enable an informed dialogue between different stakeholders. Some 80 participants were in attendance.

This initiative of the Ministry of Gender Equality, Child Development, and Family Welfare offered a platform for committee members to clearly understand their roles and responsibilities in the promotion of the well-being of residents.

Present at the event, the Private Parliamentary Secretary, Mr Rajcoomar Rampertab, underlined that activities at the SWCs should be geared towards empowering communities by providing them with the relevant tools and skills to contribute to the country’s social, cultural and economic development.

Mr Rampertab emphasised that the participants should encourage the inhabitants to avail themselves of the facilities and opportunities provided by the SWCs and to participate in the different activities organised in their localities.

He added that there has been significant progress in the evolution of SWCs since the Independence of Mauritius. This transformation concerns each and every one and it can be a motivating factor for the youth to develop the interest of engaging in social works, he pointed out.

For his part, the Acting Social Welfare Commissioner, Mr Premnath Ramputh, highlighted that chairpersons and committee members have a key role to play in improving the lives of families in the local communities. He stressed on the need to mobilise resources in the community for the realisation of more activities and social projects.

He underlined that the meeting was also an opportunity for stakeholders to network and shed light on the important aspects of administrative management of SWCs. He called upon all the stakeholders to develop a strong partnership and work together for providing high quality services to the community.

Source: Government of Mauritius