State Tightens Security Ahead Of Festive Season

Security authorities in Nakuru County have assured residents of tight security ahead of Christmas and New Year festivities. County Commissioner (CC) Loyford Kibaara said all security personnel, including regular and administration police officers, Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers, chiefs, assistant chiefs, and village elders, have been put on high alert to ensure locals celebrate the holidays in a peaceful environment. The administrator has also called on parents and guardians to monitor their children's activities during the long school holidays to avoid their involvement in vices such as peer influence, bad groups' indulgence in drugs, and engaging in risky sexual behaviour. Speaking at the Nakuru East Deputy County Commissioner's offices after witnessing the opening and distribution of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) examination papers, Kibaara indicated that ensuring that teenagers have a structured and supervised environment can significantly reduce the likelihood of unsupervised activities that might lead to crime, sexually transmitted infections, and early pregnancies. 'Teenagers are often influenced by peer pressure. Encourage your child to choose their friends wisely. During the long school break, it's essential for parents to establish clear boundaries for their teenagers. This includes curfews, rules regarding parties and gatherings, and communication expectations. Trust your child, but also remind them that these boundaries are set out of concern and love,' stated the CC. On security concerns, Kibaara also assured domestic and international tourists, who during the festive season normally flock to tourist attractions in Naivasha, Gilgil, Nakuru Town, and Rongai, among other places, of their safety. 'All security arrangements have been put in place ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays to ensure residents and visitors enjoy a peaceful and safe holiday season. Security officers have already begun conducting regular patrols,' he said. Kibaara further disclosed that gang-prone criminal areas such as Kivumbini, Kaptembwa, Flamingo, Kisulisuli, Kaloleni, Bondeni, and Lake View will be on the police watch list. He pointed out that security personnel will cover areas targeted by criminals, particularly shopping centres and crowded areas, adding that uniformed and plain-clothed police officers will carry out patrols. The County Commissioner further revealed that the police have increased intelligence-led surveillance that has given them a broader view of criminal activities. Kibaara underscored the importance of spiritual nourishment in children's development. He advised parents to monitor their children's online activities during the holiday. 'Keep close monitoring every day, especially with social media. It has really interfered with the growth of these children. Make sure you're monitoring and that you're sure of what they are watching on social media. We want children at home to maintain values, morals, and discipline,' he pointed out. The county commissioner said parents should reflect on what happened during COVID-19 when many girls got pregnant and boys joined drug gangs, which stopped them from going back to school, something that was blamed on parental negligence. He reminded guardians and parents that schools keep children busy and away from mischief, easing the pressure on parents, adding that with the long break and with the children now solely in their hands, parents must actively step in and play their role. 'Parents must take charge and not delegate the upbringing of their children to their house managers. Let the children enjoy the holidays, but ensure we keep a close tab on their activities,' Kibaara affirmed.

Source: Kenya News Agency

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