Temporary Police Constables take oath of allegiance

A total of 210 Temporary Police Constables (TPC), out of which 23 are women, took their oath of allegiance on 30 January 2018 at Line Barracks in Port Louis to serve the nation and execute and perform their duties as Police Constables. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Commissioner of Police, Mr Mario Nobin.

In his address to the new recruits, Mr Nobin pointed out that the young constables have joined the Mauritius Police Force, an organisation which has been at the service of Mauritius for the last 250 years. He stated that they have crossed an important milestone in their professional career and they now have to look forward to the important service that lies ahead.

The Commissioner of Police highlighted that at the dawn of its 50th independence anniversary, Mauritius requires police officers who are not only experts in law enforcement but also to have the skills of a trained psychologist, a lawyer, an educator and a community organiser. He exhorted the TPC to live by the core values and ethical principles and to ensure that Mauritius is a safe and secure place to live and work.

He appealed to each and every one to take back control of the society and to return to the core values of good citizenship, good manners, love for one another, good neighbourliness, respect for one another and preservation of the environment.

Recruit Foundation Course

The TPC, who joined the Mauritius Police Force on 28 September 2017, are currently undergoing a 30-week training at the Beau Bassin and Vacoas Police Training Schools and the Special Supporting Unit Training School. The Recruit Foundation Course comprises theoretical and practical sessions.

The modules are: general police duties; interview techniques; officer safety; physical education and physical training; first aid; human rights and code of conduct; disaster management; weapon training; IT awareness; foot and rifle drill; field duties; social aspect in policing; defensive driving; and anti-corruption and integrity training by the Independent Commission against Corruption.

After the training, the new recruits will be awarded a certificate in Police Duties after having followed two Top-Up modules at the University of Mauritius namely Criminal Law of Evidence and Principles and Practice of Police Management.

After the oath taking ceremony, the TPC are entitled to enforce the law as per section 9 of the Police Act.

Source: Government of Mauritius