Workshop focused on issues related to National Minimum Wage

The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training organised a workshop with representatives of Trade Unions on the issue of the National Minimum Wage this morning at Victoria House, Port Louis. The workshop was conducted by the Acting Director of the Labour and Industrial Relations Division of the Ministry, Mr M. Caremben.

In his address Mr Caremben recalled that the introduction of the National Minimum Wage since January 2018 shows Government’s commitment to improve the living conditions of the lowest paid workers in the country. A Flying Squad in view of enforcing the payment of the national minimum wage has been set up by the Ministry. As at 20 April 2018, 3,529 inspections have been carried out across the island.

The Acting Director underlined that the Ministry has also prepared some brochures in creole so as to sensitise employees on how the National Minimum Wage is calculated. He pointed out that, as the grace period provided by the Ministry to employers is over since 31 March 2018, legal actions would eventually be initiated against those employers who fail to comply with the Regulations.

The workshop, which was attended by some 30 participants, aims at providing necessary training and information pertaining to the National Minimum Wage to representatives of Trade Unions. They also had the opportunity to interact with officers of the Ministry in order to seek clarification on cases whereby employees do not perceive the minimum wage and to bring about suggestions and recommendations regarding the Regulations.

The National Minimum Wage

Government decided, in December 2017, to fix the national minimum wage at Rs 8,140 per month for all workers in both the private and public sectors. The national minimum wage was then introduced by way of Regulations with effect as from 01 January 2018.

The workers in the Non-Export Processing Zone (EPZ) sector were also granted an additional remuneration of Rs 360 per month plus an allowance of Rs 500, paid by Government through the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA). As regards the EPZ sector, the national minimum wage is inclusive of the additional remuneration 2018 and workers are being paid an allowance of Rs 860 per month by Government through the MRA.

All full-time workers are thus being guaranteed a monthly revenue of Rs 9,000. Part-time workers are also benefiting from the payment of a national minimum wage on a pro-rata basis.

Source: Government of Mauritius