Workshop focuses on role of individual bus operators in face of modernisation of public transport system

A workshop focusing on the role of individual bus operators in the face of the modernisation of the public transport system kicked off this morning at Le VoilA� Hotel in Bagatelle. The Minister of Public Infrastructure and Land Transport, Mr Nandcoomar Bodha, and other personalities were present on this occasion.

In his address, Minister Bodha highlighted that the workshop follows the study conducted by the PricewaterhouseCoopers Private (India) Ltd to provide a comprehensive analysis on the challenges faced by the public transport industry in Mauritius and to come up with proposals to modernise the transport landscape in the country.

The Minister underscored that the Ministry is committed to provide various measures in view of enhancing the public transport sector in the country. They comprise: a bus cashless system whereby bus conductors will provide security to passengers whereby no threat will be posed to the employment of bus conductors and drivers; the setting up of an Independent Fare Fixing Mechanism to review the fare structure; Government subsidy to individual operators so that employees do not lose their job; and the provision of funds for training of bus conductors and drivers.

Mr Bodha further emphasised that with the implementation of the National Transport Network Project, more particularly with the Metro Express as one of its major components, the socio-economic landscape of Mauritius will undergo major transformation.

The workshop, he underlined, will enable individual bus operators to take cognizance of the recommendations of the study and it will also define the role as well as relevance of public transport providers, more specifically individual operators, in the context of re-engineering the transport industry and as regards their obligations towards commuters.

In the wake of these changes, Minister Bodha said, individual operators are encouraged to embrace and incorporate the use of technological tools to enhance their daily operations adding that these service providers feature as a pillar for the public transport system. He called on the bus operators to consolidate a legal framework for improved synergy, profitability and effectiveness in their service delivery to passengers.

About the workshop

The workshop, which has been organised by the National Transport Authority, is being conducted by consultants from the PricewaterhouseCoopers Private (India) Ltd.

It focuses on recommendations for re-engineering public transport in Mauritius and their implications on individual bus owners and bus co-operatives; re-organisation of bus co-operatives into regional associations; future of bus transport industry in the country and the role of bus owners; responsibility of individual bus owners towards public transport industry, and technology interventions proposed as well as implementation plan for sale.

Source: Government of Mauritius