100 Youth Delegates Selected for COP28 Conference: UAE

The COP28 Presidency announced the selection of 100 delegates for the International Youth Climate Delegate Program, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Addis Ababa said.

The UAE which is the host of the COP28 climate change conference this year conducted a deliberation in collaboration with the African Union Commission under the theme “Elevating the Role of Youth in Climate Negotiations,” UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa said in a press release sent to ENA.

The press release also said that the discussion is aimed at discussing efforts towards ensuring effective engagement of the youth leading up to COP 28, and more specifically empowering youth to play an elevated role in climate decision-making.

The discussion intends to enhance the participation of the African Union member states in the Climate Conference, through the development of a summary paper with key recommendations and perspectives, it added.

In this case, Talal Al Azeezi, Charge d’affaires at the UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa said that the COP28 Presidency announced the selection of 100 delegates for the International Youth Climate Delegate Program.

The selection has included 6 youth with disabilities, 10 youth from conflict affected areas, and 12 indigenous people, he indicated.

Yabtsega Getachew, a climate justice advocate, has been selected to represent Ethiopia.

The ambassador added that the “program is the largest initiative that will build youth skills, capacity, knowledge, and networks, and fully fund them to attend COP28, as well as provide a model for the COP process on youth inclusion.”

He also highlighted UAE’s efforts towards ensuring the inclusion of climate action and youth engagement in all development strategies.

UAE aspired to affirm the vital importance of climate collaboration, and share perspectives as the host of COP 28, with the aim of linking perspectives with the African Union’s and youth aspirations, in a manner that will be inclusive, transparent, and results-oriented, the release stated.

Denmark’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, Kira Smith, on her part stressed the importance of meaningful youth involvement in climate negotiations.

The ambassador also mentioned Denmark’s efforts towards supporting the youth, particularly mentioning the Youth Delegate Program in which every year eight Danish youth delegates are selected to represent the Danish youth at the UN as well as other multilateral forums.

Nyambe Harsen, Director of Sustainable Environment and Blue Economy at the African Union Commission, placed focus on the role of the AU in engaging youth in climate action, and the youth-led efforts clearly demonstrated during the African Climate Summit.

This discussion on youth in climate negotiations was conducted in the presence of various diplomatic missions including the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt, UK, US, Switzerland, Qatar, Chad, and Morocco as well as think tanks, technical climate experts among others.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency