Adwa Victory Memorial Manifestation of Ethiopia’s Pioneer Role for Pan-Africanism, Says World Black People Center

Addis Ababa: Adwa Victory Memorial erected in Addis Ababa signifies the contribution that Ethiopia has pioneered to Pan-Africanist movement, according to World Black People Center.

President of the Global Black Center, based in Addis Ababa, Tsagaye Chama recalled that historians describe the victory of Adwa as a new departure for changing the old narratives and laying foundation for anti-clonial movement of the black people around the world.

The victory of Adwa is a legacy that transcends time for Ethiopia, awakening the Pan-African movement and emancipation of all black people across the world, Tsagaye said.

He added the establishment of Adwa Victory Memorial in Addis Ababa has immense contribution serving as hub for history, heritage, and education of the global black people.

According to him, the victory memorial attests Ethiopia’s leading role in the movement of Pan-Africanism.

Ethiopia’s impetus for Pan-Africanism, inspired by the victory of Adwa, was realized not by words but practice, he noted.

he president also said that Ethiopia is a spirit, captivating all black people throughout the world and added that the Adwa Victory Memorial will unlock further opportunities for Pan-Africans and black people.

The erection of the Adwa Victory Memorial aligns with the center’s objectives, providing an opportunity for collaboration, he said.

The Global Black History, Heritage and Education Center plays an important role in documenting the history of black people, preserving heritages and forging unity and solidarity among black people as well as establish a museum of pan-Africanism by collecting African artifacts scattered across the globe

Source: Ethiopian News Agency