Babadjou opens first-ever petrol station, hopes to stop sale of illegal fuel

Tahada CNA Bamboutos

The town of Kombou in Babadjou subdivision of the West Region has opened its first-ever petrol station. It is hoped that the new filling station will help resolve the problem of illegal fuel sales in the town and neighboring areas.

The inauguration of B andG Petroleum on Saturday, May 11, is a significant step towards stopping the use of zoa zoa, an illegal fuel that tends to damage car and motorbike engines.

‘We are used to zoa zoa and think this new petrol station will answer our prayers. Looking at its construction, we hope it will not collaborate with those in the black market to mix fuel’ a local taxi driver said.

‘I cover the Mbouda-Santa stretch and sometimes go to Bamenda and have been used to consuming in Mbouda and Bamenda. Along this stretch, we have been facing this fuel stress. Buying zoa zoa from roadside vendors and later go to the garage for engine failures’ another driver told CNA.

Households on their part appreciate the presence of kerosene for bush lamps that is so
ld at FCFA 355 per liter given that most people in neighboring villages to Kumbou, do not have access to electricity.

According to the CEO of the petrol station, Mr Bognou Ernest, the initiative aligns with development projects to make Babadjou economically viable.

‘This filling station, I hope will be useful to our communities, that’s Babadjou and neighboring Santa, especially with the fuel quality. They should be assured that we get first-hand quality and they should enjoy it at approved prices.’ The CEO told us.

With the recent adjustments in the price of fuel, many black markets have been gaining ground in Babadjou and its surroundings with illegal mixtures of Zoa zoa and sold at high prices despite the dangers it presents.

The inauguration of this fueling station was done in the presence of administrative, municipal, and traditional authorities. It was marked by purification and protection rites done by HRM Fon Kaffo Sambankeing Langevin, Fon of Babadjou.

Source: Cameroon News Agency